• The Family Retirement Plan

  • Since Pensions are now a thing of the past, most Americans are trying to save for retirement through IRA's or 401K's. What most don't know, or simply haven't been told, is that the only way out of an IRA or 401K is through the IRS. From the moment you contribute, Uncle Sam became your partner. The unfortunate reality is, with a record deficit of $61.9 Trillion, a broke social security system and looming unfundable liabilities on the horizon, your new partner will have little choice but to raise your tax rate even after employment - at the very time you'll need to start drawing from your savings.

    By using a little-known tax code, we can show you how you can safely and legally shed the IRS as your partner, and pay very little, if any taxes, as you accumulate and use your money for a retirement you never imagined. Go to GoodLife.The FamPlan.com, and discover the following:

    • The famous 'Wake Up America' 3 minute video that is changing the country.
    • Insightful and revealing information on Social Security and future tax-rates.
    • How to get a free side-by-side comparison of your current portfolio and future retirement income.
    • Get educated. Take control and don't allow the IRS to become the Senior Partner in your retirement plans!